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BetGames – an alternative to blackjack on your mobile


Playing standard blackjack on your mobile can be a challenge if you are on the move and unable to fully concentrate on your game (which might be a reason you are on your mobile, of course). BetGames offers an alternative option that, while not blackjack, allows mobile players without 100% concentration to have a good time.

Unlike other live casino providers, none of the BetGames games require individual players to interact for the game to proceed. If you are walking in the park and a neighbour stops you for a chat, it will not be a problem if you are playing any of their games. The play happens independently, and the game just keeps going along!

This is because the stable of games provided by BetGames all follow the same model as “infinite” games provided by Evolution Gaming and other live casino providers. Dealers are playing games on a continuous model, and players can bet on the outcome. In this way the games are similar to the way modern baccarat is played even in land-based casinos.

In fact, baccarat is one of the three games that are continually played at BetGames 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Do the dealers get a day off for Christmas? We are not totally sure, but it would not be surprising if the streaming continues even on the biggest holidays.

The other two games that are played continuously are “War of Bets” and “Bet on Poker.”

War on Bets is a very simple game, very similar to the American children’s card game called War. Two cards are drawn – one for the dealer and one for the player. Winning is simply a matter of having the higher card. If the same value card is drawn, additional cards are drawn as a tie breaker. In the BetGames version the dealer draws both cards. One is assigned the label “dealer” and one the label “player,” but in reality it makes little difference as players can bet on either card to win.

Bet on Poker, the most popular game from the company’s studio service, The dealer deals two cards to one of six positions (see image). Three additional cards are dealt, and then another two. Using these five cards, plus the two from each position, players can bet on which position will win the hand. Cards are revealed slowly in stages, making it harder to judge which hand will eventually be the winner. Side bets, like which type of hand will win (a pair, high card, two pair, etc) are available in a display on the left of the screen.

The beauty of these games is they are quick, and players are free to skip rounds as and when they want. This makes it ideal for players who need the flexibility to drop in and out of games while on the move.

The other beauty of these games is, quite frankly, the dealers. Both men and women (although mostly women) make up the dealer staff and great care is taken to make sure they are very well turned out at all times.

BetGames is broadcast from a studio in Lithuania, but gameplay takes place entirely in English. Because the games follow a standard format at all times, and because there is no chat function to allow players to interact with dealers, playing with the sound turned off is still a reasonably good game play experience.

BetGames are available at many casinos that market to Russia, Ukraine, and other former Soviet republics. One of the few online casinos that caters to Europe and Canada with BetGames as an option is TonyBet.

Want to bet a stake or two while on your mobile, but worried about being interrupted? Give BetGames a try!


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