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Blackjack vs Baccarat


If you like playing blackjack on your mobile device, you should also consider baccarat.

The two games have a lot in common, at least in terms of style. Both games pit the dealer against the player with two cards each, and both deciding to hold or draw more cards to improve their score.

These similarities are enough to ensure that players who like one will probably like the other, but the rules form this point on are very different. Because blackjack is much more widely known in Europe and North America, and baccarat can seem confusing to the uninitiated, many live casino players avoid the game. Perhaps they don’t want to look like a novice gambler in front of the dealers? Or perhaps it has never occurred to them to try the game?

This isn’t right! We want to help you feel as confident as James Bond when you next play on a live casino!

Here are the basic differences between the two games, written to introduce baccarat to blackjack players.

  • Face cards and tens count as zero in baccarat. This can seem like a really confusing concept if you only know poker and blackjack, where these cards are normally some of the most valuable.
  • Aces count only as one – not eleven or a choice between eleven and one.
  • Like blackjack, the higher score wins. Unlike blackjack, only the last digit in a player’s tally counts. In other words, if your two cards are an 8 and a 9, the player may have a total of 17, but this is counted as just 7.
  • If your amount goes over 9 – which it normally does, you can’t go bust. You simply start over at zero. In other words, if you have a five and a seven your 12 points counts as 2. If you take another card and draw a 9, your total is 21 and therefore you now have just 1 point.

Sound interesting? Okay, well there is one more major difference. If you play baccarat on your mobile device, you will almost certainly be playing a variation called “Punto Banco.” In this version the dealer deals two hands. One is assigned to the player, the other to the “bank.” Players can choose to bet on either hand, and have no obligation to wager on the “players” hand.

Sound familiar? If you are a fan of Infinite Blackjack you will understand the system. There is no limit on how many people can join in to wager on a baccarat game. Infinite Blackjack is actually an innovation gleaned from baccarat, not the other way round.

A decade ago playing baccarat on a mobile was a pretty dull affair. If you could find it, the graphics were poor and the excitement was minimal. Now thanks to HD streaming from live casino providers like Evolution Gaming, the excitement of live baccarat is available wherever you are, 24 hours a day!

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