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Dream Catcher, Topwheel Treasures, and other money wheel games

Dream Catcher

While blackjack has been a staple for online casino players for decades (as long as there have been online casinos, frankly), another land-based casino staple has only recently surged in popularity: the money wheel.

This game has never been a as popular as blackjack or other games. Any visitor to Las Vega spins these wheels much less frequently than they will a roulette wheel. But if you can’t recall seeing them, they are often called Wheel of Fortune in land casinos, and are an important element in a scene from Rain Man.

Anyway, what has been relegated to the margins in Vegas has surged into everyone’s attention when it comes to live casino recently.

This began with the introduction of Dream Catcher by industry leader Evolution Gaming. The surprise hit got everyone thinking, and now Playtech have Spin and Win, and Evolution have created another popular spin game sequel: Monopoly Live!

And, a sure sign that the game has taken off, Casumo announced their own exclusive money wheel game with the launch of Topweel Treasures earlier this year. Operated by Evolution, it is essentially the same game as Dream Catcher but features the unique brand styling of Casumo, plus specially selected dealers (spinners?!) who chat away and keep players engaged while the wheel is spinning round.

The appeal of the game so long ignored is obvious to anyone who takes the time to play a round or two. Players can place wagers on which number they think will come up, the higher the number the less frequently it appears on the wheel (and the less likely the wheel will end on that number). A higher number results in bigger rewards, of course!

Like roulette, it is hard to really come up with a winning strategy for these wheel games (which is why they have likely been less popular in land casinos for so long). With the right host the games are engaging, however, and we should expect for this to be much more than a short-lived fad.

With the game growing in popularity (whatever it is called), the good news for mobile players is it is equally accessible on mobile devices as on a desktop. This is thanks to the ever improving technology in mobile devices, and also to innovative production techniques specially designed to cater to mobile players.

Still, no amount of technology or innovative camera use can make up for a small screen size. To enjoy a highly visual game like Topwheel Treasures on a mobile device we recommend using a large tablet with a high resolution screen. This will ensure you get the best playing experience, and get an experience as good or better than what is available on a desktop.

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